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Primary Care For Your Employees:

Providing Quality Primary Care While Cutting Costs on Insurance and Worker's Benefits

Looking for a cost-effective way to provide your employees with high-quality medical care? PRIME CARE VIP offers a unique healthcare membership model that provides personalized primary care at affordable prices. By partnering with us, you can help employees save on medical expenses while also reducing your own insurance costs. Our one-on-one approach to care ensures that your employees receive the attention and support they need to maintain optimal health. Contact us today to learn more about how PRIME CARE VIP can benefit your business and your employees.

Pricing is Based on the Number of Employees, contact us for additional information. 

What's Included?

No Co-Pays

Flat Fee Health Care, No Co-Pay, DPC

On-Site Lab Draws

Same or Next Day Appointments

On-Site visits 

24/7 access to healthcare, house calls, doctor on call

Evenings & Weekend Access

On-Site Medication Dispensing

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